Anatomy Study Buddy

Picture of George

Hello anatomy students! My name is George and I am currently studying human anatomy at Case Western Reserve University. I made this website because creating these posts is a great way for me to study. Normally, I would make similar materials within Microsoft Word. Since anatomy is a difficult subject for all, I decided to create this blog so that my fellow students can have a useful resource. Good luck!


If you see an error, please correct it in the comments. I am prone to making spelling and grammatical mistakes, so be kind and tell me when that happens. I will try my best to write well. Since this is a study tool, I am more focused on studying than the quality of my writing.

This blog uses modified images from the internet. Since this is a learning resource for a university class, it falls firmly within the realm of educational fair use. If you object to an image or content, please leave a comment and it will be removed.


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