Left, Anterior View

Humerus (pl. humeri):

Important Anterior Features:

Head: The ball of the “ball and socket” joint. Articulates with glenoid fossa of scapula.

Anatomical and Surgical Necks: Connect head to the rest of the bone. Anatomical is proximal to Surgical.

Greater and Lesser Tubercles: Greater is proximal/superior to Lesser. Greater=Superior is a way to remember them.

Intertubercular Groove: Simply a groove between lesser and greater tubercles. This is the only relevant anterior groove.

Deltoid Tuberosity: Named such because this is where the Deltoideus inserts

Medial and Lateral Epicondyle: Named directionally

Trochlea and Capitulum: Part of the “Condyle”. The Capitulum looks like a circle in 2D graphics, just like a “cap” on a bottle.

Coronoid Fossa: Sits above the Trochlea

Important Posterior Features:

Radial Groove: The only relevant posterior groove

Olecranon Fossa: The most distal feature of the posterior view


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